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Lawmakers blame each other as US-Mexico-Canada trade deal stalls

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says that he’s leading a last-minute push to get the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal through Congress and to his desk by December.

The President says he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding it hostage, saying, “She needs the votes for impeachment, so she is going to use USMCA in order to get impeachment…”

The President says if the House continues to delay a vote, Canada and Mexico could say bye-bye pretty soon.

Pelosi said last week she hopes the House will vote to approve the deal by the holidays, but Republicans say they haven’t seen any movement.

Democrats blame the delays on Republicans. “It’s hard to take President Trump and Senate Republicans seriously,” says Sen. Chuck Schumer. “And they try to blame the House impeachment inquiry for legislative inaction.”

President Trump says he watched some of the hearings Tuesday morning but called the entire inquiry a hoax.

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