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341 county residents have now tested positive for coronavirus

SAN DIEGO — The number of San Diego County residents who have tested positive for coronavirus rose from 277 on Wednesday to 341 on Thursday, according to local health officials.

The 64 new cases were reported just hours after county health officials confirmed a third county resident had died due to coronavirus.

While county officials had previously reported the total number of cases in San Diego County — including non-county residents — Thursday’s tally represented the number of resident cases only. Of the 297 total local cases reported in the county on Wednesday, 277 of those were county residents.

The new numbers also reflect another child under the age of 10 who has been diagnosed. Three children under the age of 10 have now tested positive for the virus, officials said. Another three children between the ages of 10 and 19 have also tested positive.

To date, 69 county residents have been hospitalized due to the virus and 31 patients have been placed in intensive care. Three coronavirus-related deaths have been reported among San Diego County residents, including an 87-year-old woman whose death was confirmed by local health officials earlier Thursday.

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