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In sickness and in health: Wakefield couple cancels big wedding opting for small ceremony due to COVID-19

A local couple decided they were going to go ahead with their special celebration in a slightly different way after the coronavirus emergency put their nuptials on hold.

With masks on their face and their daughter Bella by their side, Josh and Ashley Arsenault marched off to Wakefield Town Hall Friday and said “I do” before a justice of the peace.

“We were supposed to go up to Bridgton, Maine with a bunch of family, about 50 of us, on the lake, but we decided with everything that’s going on it wasn’t in everyone’s interest to get together, unfortunately,” Josh said.

With Ashley eight months pregnant, the couple made sure to practice good social distancing from the handful of loved ones who came to see them exchange their vows.

“We stood up on the steps, they were actually 10 or 15 feet away,” Josh said. “And we actually didn’t get to hug anyone or kiss anyone. The four people that were there clapped for us. We were home by 8:15 in the morning back on the couch.”

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many to postpone wedding plans but that was never an option for the Arsenaults — eager to make a lifetime commitment to each other in sickness and in health.

“At the end of the day, we wanted to get married because we love each other, and we’ll have plenty of time to celebrate,” Ashley said. “I think it came down to that we love each other, we wanted to make that commitment and that’s all that mattered at the end of the day.”

Proving that not even a pandemic can get in the way of happily ever after for this couple.


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