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Staying in and working out: Tewksbury martial arts instructor leads viral classes

This content collected from Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News.

Gyms and workout centers are closed under the state’s new rules to help slow the spread of coronavirus. So, one local martial arts instructor came up with a creative way to stay in and work out.

Justin Garofano is taking his martial arts classes and putting them online for his students stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I went from having the opportunity to teach all my students in a face-to-face scenario, to having to go completely online,” he said. “Trying to stay a positive part of their life. We’re trying to keep them socially connected, we’re trying to keep them active.”

The effects of the coronavirus are being felt all across the world and Garofano is trying his best to keep up with his normal routine in these uncertain times and parents say they are grateful for it.

“Luckily these classes came along because right around the time it got a little troublesome, we had an outlet,” one father said.

His six and 8-year-old are taekwondo students in a totally different capacity now.

“Not only are the kids doing it but they can see their instructors, they can see their friends and everybody else that is doing the class with them,” he said. “So they get to see their friends, they get to hear their friends and even though we aren’t in the same room they get to experience that community.

Garofano said he has received so much positive feedback from his families and that he is not stopping the streams any time soon.


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from Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News
Source: https://whdh.com/news/staying-in-and-working-out-tewksbury-martial-arts-instructor-leads-viral-classes/

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