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Chaotic building collapse sends debris flying across Brooklyn neighborhood

Brooklyn, NEW YORK (WHDH) — A three-story building buckled into a busy Brooklyn street Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The collapse in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood left rubble and debris scattered all over the place.

Witnesses said it fell quickly, sending a large cloud of dust into the air in its wake.

One person was on an upper floor when the building gave way.

Fire officials said that person was treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The New York Police Department used K9s to sniff through the wreckage but they say they are now confident no one is missing.

The fire department pulled its members from conducting searches due to fears of a second collapse.

The building was home to a gym that has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The gym posted on social media two weeks ago that the building was undergoing some construction and getting an exterior makeover.

The building has a history of structural issues dating back more than a decade.

The New York Building Department said it has received several complaints about cracked walls and in March, inspectors cited cracks in multiple areas.

In June, the department issued a partial stop-work order when inspectors noticed a part of the wall bulging dangerously over a sidewalk.


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